LUMINA STONE was born with the intention of illuminating the decoration sector with unique and surprising proposals.

LUMINA STONE features the utility of the progress and technology, guided by spirit of the Century of Light, to contribute to the well-being of society. With a remarkably versatile collection, LUMINA STONE is a journey from myth to reality, from legend to clarity.

Neo Collection

Optciks Collection

Veritas Collection

Voltaire Collection



Pietra Grey has a radiant richness accented by a network of fine intertwined nerves, stand out on a dark base, full of small shades in different shades of grey.
A material with a vocation to be unique, one that differentiates itself from others thanks to the elegance of its purest, most primitive essence. It offers a uniform compact sensation that guarantees an infinite, mysterious and attractive perspective in Zen or oriental styles; shows its strong personal character in the most prominent minimalist ambiences; or its spacious and luminous nature that works perfectly in other styles such as a loft environment and even in bold ones such as a vintage setting.


Available in Polished finish



Simple edges are the original thickness of the table.
Are quick and easy to prepare. Most automatic machinery is designed to develpop simple edges.


The laminated edge is an edge assembled from two pieces, to give a countertop with less weight the appearance of a much heavier one.


Cut along the top at a more or less 45-degree angle. The straighe lines and slighet decoration add a touch of elegance to a small kitchen.


3000x1400mm | 3200x1600mm


20mm | 30mm